Law High Court Judges Court Orders Helpless before City Financier Ex-Husband’s Asset Stripping Divorce Project & Aggressive Strategies


ExposedinLondon has learnt how a city financier and an expert in finance has been misleading the high court, breaching high court orders and defrauded the ex-wife to wipe out the value of family assets worth Millions of Pounds to Nothing in their divorce.

The ex-wife Ms. Williams, despite having tried to seek help from the courts and the police has failed to stop the destructive asset disposal. She has been told by the police that they cannot do anything. Her application to halt a disposal of the Family Home subject to the Ex-Husband Mr.Williams’s fraudulent activities has been unsuccessful. Ms.Williams says that it is not that difficult for someone to carry out such nasty acts in the UK but the victim faces every threat and difficulty trying to prevent such.

Ms.Williams, a single mother of 3 children was granted an amount just over a £ 1 Million by Mr.Justice Mostyn to re-house her children during her divorce settlement. It is reported that Mr.Williams has written off the equity of this luxury property in Fulham worth over £ 4 million pounds to nothing, leaving Ms.Williams and her children with no future prospects.

The mathematics of wiping out the equity, in other words, defrauding Ms.Williams’s and her three children’s rightful monies  are chilling.

According to reports, Mr.Williams has continued to withhold the property against a high court order to sell, so that the Unregulated Loan Shark he borrowed money from during the divorce can extract as much penalties from the property which Ms.Williams & her children were to benefit from.

Mr.Williams, Liberian-born, Sierra Leonian & British Citizen is a self-confessed entrepreneur and a millionaire having worked in equity markets floating companies on stock exchanges and closing multi-million deals in Sierra Leone with London Based Companies. Nevertheless, Mr.Williams claimed poverty during the divorce claiming he cannot afford to pay Spousal or Child Maintenance which left the ex-wife and Children in absolute misery. Since the divorce, Mr.Williams has established a new Business Consultancy & Equity Fund Raising Firm in London. As an expert in Finance, running a boutique financial service company, Mr.Williams chose an unregulated loan shark who could Provide

As an expert in Finance, running a boutique financial service company, Mr.Williams chose an unregulated loan shark who could Provide him the rates & terms of conditions required to carry out the equity wipe-out to leave the ex-wife and children in poverty. The Interest charged by this loan shark is reported to be at £ 10,000 per month on compounding rate. One doesn’t have to struggle for the motives. Mr.Williams’s Loan Shark has now repossessed the property and claims they are owed almost £800,000 for a loan amount of £150,000 an interest of 433%.

Although the luxury family house has a main mortgage lender, Clydesdale Bank Plc, Ms.Williams’s efforts to get their attention to the immoral asset stripping has failed so far. Ms.williams is shocked as to how a reputed firm like Clydesdale bank regulated under FSA would allow an Unregulated Loan Shark to have such an interest in a valuable property. Ms.Williams claims that Clydesdale Bank has a moral obligation to safeguard not only their interest but also the interest of the beneficiaries of their funded properties

London is claimed to be the divorce capital making it a billion pound industry. In the recent years, many multi-million-pound divorce cases have been reopened owing to non-disclosures and frauds committed by ex-husbands. Divorce lawyers predict a wave of reopenings of divorce cases where one assumes that no fair disclosure has been made or assets have been hidden.

Justice law and order are not always straight forward. Certainly not in divorce & family matters. Ability to pay experts is a decisive factor. This is not healthy to ensure justice is delivered to all parts of the communities regardless of their wealth or ability to pay.

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